Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unbinding the Gospel week one

Forget about the scary E word.
Do we want to be a church that cooperates with the Spirit?

What does that mean to you?

How have/are we resisting the Spirit individually/or corporately?

p. 6: "People sharing with others their personal understandings that life is better, richer, truer if one has faith in Christ and lives is a faith community."
So, share one example of this in your life.

p. 8 Prayer focus: ask God, "Which small things can I do today to help more people know you?


  1. Okay folks, I am answering the last question first and working up the list. This whole blog thing feels way out of my comfort zone; to you all it may be a small thing but to me, it feels big. I am learning how to use this media as a means to help others know God better through study, prayer and discussion.

    Two examples for the question from page 6 would be: without a faith in Christ, I would never have been able to preach a sincere resurrection message or even one of any comfort or hope at the funeral last week. And had I not been listening or searching for discernment on the ordination of homosexuals, I would not have known how to participate in that debate with conviction and love for all concerned while we were in Brazil.

  2. Personally I find that sharing my faith in Christ with others has allowed me to feel more open to others and embraced by others. It's brought the positivity back into my life.