Monday, September 16, 2013

Chapter two Unbinding the Gospel

Chapter two:
please tell me you don't think your pastor preaches from an 'experiential vacuum"!

from page 11 sidebar--i picture TV evangelists with their big hair, big heads, big hands and pockets out

Do you see yourself as one of the evangelism lovers or cautious?  I feel more cautious not wanting anything I say or do to actually turn someone away from God instead of toward God.  I'm much more comfortable/open on a one-to-one basis after I get to know someone.  Of course that could be said of almost any topic, as that's my basic nature.

Sidebar on page 12: do you agree with that statement?  What was your last 'little conversion'?  are you past due for one? ie is it time to get back into bible study or small group of some kind, morning devotions, retreat?  stop just 'dabbling our toes in the waters of faith'? (page 15)  What are you doing to keep your 'pitcher refilled?'  (page 20)

page 14 says God matters more than church.  What do you think about that?  How often and to what extent do we idolize our buildings?

If we are to 'bear Christ to those who don't know him', what does that mean to us?  I liken it to giving birth type of bearing.  which is hard, focused work-giving birth perhaps to new knowledge or new practices.
Also bearing as in carrying a load.  Has God put a burden on us to carry the message of Christ, the gospel into the world?

page 17-I have to admit I got a kick out of the phrase 'Gospel constipation'  How we doing?

page 21  'What's at stake in evangelism is transformed lives, yours included'  Do you realize it?  Do you want it?

Find a couple of friends and do the exercise on page 22 or just ponder it for yourself.  The most important time in your life with God.
I find it really hard to narrow it down to one time.  The value of doing such an exercise is so that we learn how to put into words what our faith stories are and then we become comfortable sharing them.  Hey! that's evangelism! 

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