Monday, October 14, 2013

chapter three

I don't like statistics, but there are a couple of things worth noting and thinking about here.
What are some of the things we 'just know' or 'just do' that come from being people of faith?
If our numbers are dwindling what will that mean for our communities, country, the world?

p. 27 Please ponder: "The thought of 'going back to church' when they're in trouble will never occur to them, because they have never been inside a church building in the first place.  For them church is an alien, possibly intimidating place--not a cradle of comfort and hope."

Is the church alien, intimidating, comforting, hopeful, or something else entirely for you?  Is it a place and a people that you want others to experience?

The statistics prove true in our Community Youth Group.  One in three youth claim no church affiliation.

We need to delve into an understanding of scripture, the Spirit, people, and prayer.

From page 35-I don't want to wear myself out on the 'treadmill of church maintenance' nor do I care much about 'institutional decline' what I care about is the people who have not been led into the joy, peace, and hope of having a relationship with God.

Prayer-lead me O God, open my eyes, heart, and mind; give me courage and boldness in telling my story in such a way that others want what I have-YOU.

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