Monday, October 14, 2013

chapter four Unbinding the Gospel

p. 41-Doesn't Jesus tell the disciples that after he left and the spirit came, that they could do greater things than he could do?  Too awesome!
p. 42 It is time to hand this church to God and stop trying to do things under our own steam.  Let's stop wasting energy, time, opportunities, life and money on things then asking God's blessing.  Let's start listening to God and looking for where God is already at work and join in.

We will continue to do devotions, as lengthy as need be, because our first love is God not the 'business.'

Pray diligently for God to show us what to do and for God to nudge the right people to help.
Has God already been nudging you?  Let the pastor know.  Let's see who is waiting to help.

p,. 46 Prayer makes openings and we see possibilities and shifts and openings happening all the time.
Is this not exactly what happened with our kitchen project?

Practice listening.  Not talking.  Silence.

Pray for every single worship service, PLEASE!
Every church staff, pastor, youth leader, CYG leaders, secretary, custodian.
Every volunteer, treasurer, financial secretary, committees.
Every ministry in the church-CYG, food pantry, exercise ladies, use of our building, welcome table, shoebox project, Kids Against Hunger, anything else.

Let go of the idea that numbers matter or that it's visible results that count.  Leave the results of our prayer to God.  Would you like to become a Prayer Walker?  Stroll through any ongoing activity and just pray as led.

Prayer will make us more flexible; have fewer disagreements; be less attached to our own ideas and presuppositions; experience revival.  KEEP A WINDOW OPEN FOR THE SPIRIT.  It's OK for God to change the institution even if it's scary.

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